Generation Beauty Toronto by Ipsy Day 2


Day 2 – I needed to be there early no matter what – we arrived almost at 10 and there was already around 100 people there. The doors didn’t open until 11 so in the time I chatted with Carly and a few others in line around me. I also met the founder of Sahi Cosmetics, Shelley. She was going around the lines talking to people to get her name out there. She a few of her products on hand with her and as lipstick addict I had to swatch them. They were stunning! They had bit of sparkle but not enough to scare you or for it to look metallic. Once the swatches were dry they were not going anywhere. I was rubbing hard and kept washing my hands but nothing affected them. I was able to keep them on my hand for over 24 hours without it fading which is incredible. Here is a link to her site. She is launching soon so here is her instagram as well. I apologize for lack of pictures! I apparently ignored my camera a bit.


Once the doors open everyone instantly ran to the big booths so Carly and I decided to hit the smaller lines and wait in the big ones later.


We really wanted to go to Luxie on Saturday but everytime we went the line was ‘temporarily closed’. I think they close them just to make sure they have enough products to give away or something. The sample they gave was a Tapered highlighter brush. They also had a contest where you take a picture on their stunning Luxie motorcycle and post it to instagram for a chance to win a 30 pc brush set. I just found out a few days ago that I was the lucky winter so there will definitely be some luxie blogs in the future! Everyone at their booth were such darlings.



I knew I had to go to Nudestix to meet the Ally and Taylor. I ended up chatting the Ally for a bit she is so much prettier in person – not that she isn’t already stunning- was really sweet and easy to talk to. I felt so intimidated because I am so short and she is a tall beauty. I ended up getting the Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Penicl in the colour Luxe. I ended up recieving the same colour in my creator bag so one is going to my sister.


Physicians Formula

I don’t own many Physician Formula products so I really wanted to go here. Their booth was set up nicely with a counter showing off a variety of their products to test out. I really liked how they gave you a choice of what product to recieve. The options were between their foundation, bronzer, contour/bronzer/highlight stick or a blush stick. I chose the foundation and recieved the other products in my creator bag.


PÜR – the complexion authority

Pur had a setup similar to Physicians Formula but their counter was longer. They were one of the few booths that were selling as well. I bought their Moonlight Glow Strobe Palette and recived a Double Ego Eyeliner in Swiss Alps and Bali


Essence was also selling products, they had 5 items for $15 which is pretty good. The one thing I noticed is when people were selling they had amazing deals. The product I recieved from Essence was a lipstick in Adorable Matt! It is a really pretty shade however I have a million reds so this is also going to one of my sisters.


Crown Brush

Crown brush was another one selling a bunch of brushes. I regret not buying any though I should have bought the fan brush and a few others. Gah next year I will not be holding back! I did however buy a matte eyeshadow palette. They gave us a ———– brush for stopping by the booth.


Too Faced

Too Faced is where I wanted to be this whole time. Their booth was amazing! While in line I met two lovely gals named Melanie and Beau. Too Faced had a bunch of Artists to colour match you for their new concealer, a picure wall and a palm tree game that you can win prizes from. I ended up missing the tree entirely because I got chatting with the lovely Jennifer, here is a link to her instagram. She was such a peach it was awesome getting to know her a bit.


Make Up For Ever

The lineup for MUFE was unreal, 2 hours long… So while Carly waited in line for MUFE that is when I went to Too Faced to grab both of our items. Once I met back with her she was at the half hour mark! At this booth you had to like their canadian instagram page, post a picture and sign up to their newsletter to get their products. They also had a wall to sign which was neat. Once you do all the tasks mentions you make your way over to an artist, coincidentally enough I found a fellow CBB member here named Filomena (such a pretty name right?) Her Instagram. She tested out some of MUFE’s new unreal eyeliners on my hand told me about them then filled out my card and off I went to get the product. These liners lasted 2 days on my hand through water and everything. They were giving away an adorable bag, 2 eyeliners, a foundation, makeup remover, and 2 full sized eyeshadows. We went there late so we didnt get any eyeliner options and they were out of foundations.


Absolute NY

This booth was my favourite!! They had giant lippies to make GIFs with. To get your product you dropped a puck down and see where it lands, through that I recieved a primer. Then you make your way to another line so you can spin a wheel to win more products. I got speaking to their PR person at this time so only Carly and Hannah did it.


My last regret! Caudalie was he last booth I went to before leaving. They had this unreal setting spray that contained rosemary, peppermint, orange as well as a few other extracts. It was refreshing and cooling. I was going to buy it but was feeling frugal at that time so passed. Just checked their site and it has a retail value of $53! Could have, Should have but now I learned my lessons for next year.

Final Thoughts

Overall the weekend was amazing. I met so many wonderful people from fellow bloggers, creators, founders, just many like minded beautiful people! I still am in disbeleif as to how fast it went by. I hope they come back next year, and by the look of the turnout I don’t see why they wouldn’t. There are a few things I have learned for future ones so I thought I would share my tips for anyone who many be going to the LA or NYC events.

My tips would be:

  1. Arrive before the event and just do your makeup while waiting for the event to begin
  2. Divide and conquer with friends while waiting in long lines.
  3. Make sure you have snacks and drinks
  4. Bring cash
  5. Bring a tote bag to carry things
  6. Bring business cards
  7. Dress to impress
  8. Flats! Comfy, fashionable flats!
  9. If you are a creator then go to the people managing line and ask to speak to a PR person instead of waiting around
  10. Have fun


Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne







4 thoughts on “Generation Beauty Toronto by Ipsy Day 2

  1. Loved reading your experience! I was at Gen Beauty in Toronto too. I also blogged about my experience! I already can’t wait for next year. I hope they expand the hours it will be open though because it was hard to get through all the booths!

  2. Looks like you got a lot done during the day! I feel like I might have seen you waiting in line, not sure though!

    Luckily you got MUFE and Too Faced on the 2nd day, both of these booths looked crazy on day 2 and MUFE even ran out of products!

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