Generation Beauty Toronto by Ipsy Day 1

This past weekend was Generation Beauty by Ipsy in Toronto and I was lucky to be able to attend it as a creator. I was beyond excited for this event, so much so that I already bought tickets for it prior to being invited! Since I had extra tickets I went with my old room mates Carly and Hannah. It was nice to be reunited for the first time in 4 years.


I really did not know what to expect with this event so like many others I read blogs to prepare. Bring snacks, comfy shoes, business cards etc… Some say don’t wear much makeup others say go all out. I decided to wear enough makeup that it was put together but they could add more at the booths if needed. I though it was going to be similar to IMATS but I was definitely wrong there!


Saturday I arrived at 12 which I really regret, due to this I did miss some smaller booths but now I know what to expect for next year. The weather was horrible though. I curled my hair but the rain/wind ruined it.

Aside from those it was such an amazing event, well worth everything and I left with many new friends.


The first booth we headed for was NYX since it was the first one on the right when walked in. The wait was around 40 minutes. In this time there was candy you were offered, you could play with some of their products and eventually you ended up at a Nyx Chocolate bar vending machine. They handed out chocolate in such a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory way, it was rather creative. Each chocolate bar contained a ticket of an additional product you could get by visiting their Eaton centre location.

After the chocolate bar we went to the “Slay or Nay” video booth were you record a 30 second video saying what you love about the brand. After all this you got an option of a lip or eyeshadow palette. They didn’t start handing out the shadows until a few hours after we went to them so we got lip palettes.

Moda Royal & Langnickel’s



After Nyx we decided to go to Moda Royal & Langnickel’s booth. This is where I met such a lovely lady, Jennifer, who told me all about their new brush sets that are about to be released. I was swooning over the faded purple and white design of the one set with the matching carrying case. Once Jennifer and I finished talking I went over to get the brush they were giving, which was a blue shader brush.



At this point it was 1 pm which meant time to pick up the Saturday goodie bags! Their bags were unreal. The biggest surprise was the full-sized Tarte Powder Player Brush! I was a bit jelly but knew my bag was coming later on from the cocktail party.


Once we were done picking up the bags we headed over to Benefit since I love their products and they were displaying their whole new Brow line. They were also quite creative with their booth. They had a whole bunch of props you could wear, a stage to take a picture on and a few makeup artists doing your brows. Naturally Carly was a magician and I was her bunny. What I didn’t understand about their booth though is the fact they were all about their new brow line. Their slogan for the day was Abra Cadabrow, they had people doing your brows, etc… Yet you didn’t get to test them out for yourself and the product you received was not brow related at all. It was a mini hoola liquid bronzer.

Ipsy Booth

While waiting in the Benefits’s long line we decided to split. One of us waited while the other headed to the Ipsy stand to grab 1 of the 4 bag designs they had. The two we grabbed were “Be you” and “Brows before Beaus.” At this point we realized it was smart to divide and conquer. While I was grabbing the bag at the ipsy station I met a lovely gal named Alanna who is also a beauty creator. She was so outgoing and kind, here are some links if you would like to check her out. Instagram  or her  Blog.


Carly really wanted to hit Smashbox up so then made our way there. They were giving away a mini of their new mascara as well as a full-sized primer if you followed them on social media. You could also get your makeup touched up and they had ring lights to take pictures. I had my makeup retouched by the beautiful Fiona who was so sweet! She taught me a great trick as well. If you mess up any of your makeup instead of rubbing it off – coverup and all – just grab primer and a q-tip to wipe it up. This trick is a face saver! Thank you Fiona!

makeup before/after Smashbox

Final Thoughts


Day one was a lot of fun. I am disappointed that I did not get there earlier but it still turned out to bo quite nice. Reminded me of trick or treating! I met so many wonderful ladies, had a wonderful time talking to companies and I have to say I am still in dream land 3 days after the event. If you were thinking of going then I would definitely recommend it for next year! I had so much fun – I am now considering the LA or NYC ones.

I was a tad upset with Ipsy though because I went as a creator and apparently creators did not have to wait in lines, instead we were able to go to one of the people working the lines and ask to talk to their PR person. I was not aware of this until Sunday within the last 1.5 hours. Also they had a concierge program where we could get taken in groups around to the booths to talk to the PR people and brands but again they did not advertise this at all and there were not any signs regarding this so myself, among many others were rather disappointed at how unorganized and uninformed most of us creators were.

Did you go to Gen beauty? If so let me know in the comments below what your favourite part and least favourite was! Also leave a link to your blog if you did one as I would love to read it.

 Just a heads up there will be a day 2 post, a Creator cocktail party post as well as a haul post coming up very soon! I am currently babysitting 3 boys as well as my own so have had limited time to get things done.

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne







10 thoughts on “Generation Beauty Toronto by Ipsy Day 1

  1. Sucks how unorganized they were at telling you guys what you can and cannot do. But at least you had a lot of fun and now you know for next year. 🙂 I so badly want to go but that seems damn near impossible for me. 😦

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