Pokémon Lip Art: I choose you, Torchic!

So the series continues! The third Pokemon I decided to do was one of my favourites from the second series, Torchic! If you haven’t seen the first two you can click here to see Mudkip or here for Weepinbell

I decided to do something different from the regular step by step on how I did it, instead I wanted to show you how I plan! I literaly take a close up picture of my lips (this one with no makeup so hello pimple!) Then with an app on my phone I draw a rough outline of how it will fit on/around my mouth.


Afterwards I use this and a picture of the pokemon for reference and paint away! Here was the final outcome for Torchic.


Fun facts on Torchic:

1) In Japanese + korean torchic’s name is pronounced achamo
2) In French its poussifeu
3) In German its Flemmli
4) It’s the lightest of all fire pokemon
5) When it evolves it becomes a fire/fighting type
Hope you enjoyed this, what is your favourite pokemon or which one would you like to see?  Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne







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