Pokémon Lip Art: I choose you, Mudkip!

This is my second of this series, if you haven’t seenThis first one you can find it by clicking here.  Since the first pokemon was from the original 151 I chose to do one from the second series.

I started by painting Mudkips head


Next came the fin on top of his head


After that I went onto his spiked gills and some legs


Then came the rest of his legs and some shading


I added the final touches, now time to clean up and compare them!

Fun Facts on Mudkip:

1) The fin on a mudkips acts like a radar
2) It uses it’s fin to also keep track of things like where Pokemon and humans are without seeing them
3) despite it’s size, it has the strength to lift and crush boulders
4) Its fin also can act as a propeller underwater to swim fast
5) It sleeps by burying itself in soil along waters edge
6) It is known as the mudfish Pokemon
7) Brock caught a Mudkip in the Pokemon anime
8) Mudkip is much cuter than the animal it’s based on, an Axoltol
9) Mudkip and its evolutions live in dirty swamps – they dislike freshwater
10) Mudkips are born on beaches

Hope you enjoyed this, what is your favourite pokemon or which one would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne







6 thoughts on “Pokémon Lip Art: I choose you, Mudkip!

    1. Thank you so much beautiful! Funny you mention ninetails – that was one of my favourite. Definitely a great choice I just need to sit on that one for a bit. Been at the sketching board thining of different ways to portray it

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