Pokémon Lip Art: I choose you, Weepinbell!

 I have lost inspiration the past month as most of you have probably noticed so I decided this weekend that I would try out something new, lip-art! I finally bought some face paints to be able to try it out.

I’ve seen people do caricatures on their lips before but the nerd in me wanted to do something that I felt represente me well. What is better than Pokémon?! So here is the start of a Pokémon Lip series, I hope you enjoy!


I started by drawing out the base of Weepinbells body


Next I painted it’s leaf arms


Added it’s freckles


Then onto the eyes


After that I painted the stem and coloured in the lips and finally, cleaned up the edges.

Here is a comparrison for you!

Facts on Weepinbell:

1) It’s a poison, grass type.
2) Weepinbells evolution, Victreebel, is based off of a Malaysian plant called Nepenthes Benstonei
3) it lives in trees in forests and hangs from them disguising itself as a plant
4) it is a carnivorous pitcher plant

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne






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