Mani Monday – I Tried Furry Nails *With Video*

Thanks to Jan Arnold at the recent New York Fashion Week the world has been blessed with a brand new fashion trend, furry nails! I decided to test this trend out and apply it to daily activites to see how they hold up. Watch the video below to see!

Now surprisingly they held up quite well through all these chores! In all seiousness though it was neat having them on, but were EXTREMELY inconvenient – surprise there eh.

The process of applying them was a bit long and tedious.


First you have to get faux fur of your choice, you can get this at any local fabric shop.


Then measure each nail individually and cut the width and your desired length.


Once you have them all cut, trim them to the shape you would like. After that is complete add some clear nail polish to your nails – I advise having a polish on to create a barrier from your actual nail- and stick the faux fur piece on!


press down and once it dries it will be on there pretty good.


I hairsprayed mine so they would stay in shape.

Now you are ready to take on the world! If you try this out I would love to see yours!

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Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






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