Gen Beauty coming To Canada!

Generation Beauty by Ipsy is coming to Toronto in May!!!!

Check it out here or go to buy tickets here.

What is Generation Beauty?

It is a beauty conventions where you can:

  • Discover, learn, and share beauty tips, tricks, and techniques in over 25 different interactive brand experiences where you can check out the latest-and-greatest products across every category of beauty.
  • Connect with some our your favourite beauty creators, youtube gurus or ipsy faces.
  • It’s fun! Get makeovers, great goodie bags, meet new people, make friends and more!


I was literally just talking to a friend about this a few months ago. I was saying that they absolutely need to come here because NYC or LA always gets the good stuff and events, so it’s only fair Toronto gets 1 or two. Seriously I always peed myself when they announced this monday night through snapchat. Tuesday morning I was checking the site religiously, I am talking every hour until 12 then had an alarm for every half an hour after that until they went live and I instantly purchased 3 (some for my friends)

I am so lucky I did because I checked the site the next morning only to realize the prices went from $64 to $102 and they are still going to go up again to $210 (all those prices include taxes) so if you want to go I suggest buying them RIGHT NOW or because once the early bird tickets are sold you will be out another $108.

Who is going? Are you going? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to meet up! ❤

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne







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