24 Lessons for 24 Years

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to, going to write if I want to, can’t deny that I want to, so I am going to. Okay that was A HORRIBLE remake of a horrible song. But you get the point, I was going to do a makeup tutorial today but decided last minute to do something different. Don’t worry the tutorial is still going to get posted just at a later date. I wanted to share with you all 24 lessons I feel have helped me a lot through the past 24 years, so here they are lovelies!


1. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want other people to change towards you, or circumstances to change, then YOU must first change yourself and your mindset. Positivity is very important.


2. In life, there are no mistakes or failure. There are only lessons. Everything you go through and overcome has had a purpose, just look for the reason and accept the lesson. This is how we grow and evolve to become a better person ourselves. Next time you think you have ‘failed’, ask yourself what have you learned and how can you grow from it.


3. Pay it forward. I never fully understood this one until my cousin Brandon passed but it is so true and it is what he lived for. Hold a door open for a stranger, buy someone behind you coffee, just show appreciation for others. The more value you give to those around you in the world and the more you give of yourself, the more you will get in return.


4. The little things mean everything! It took having my daughter to realize this. Time flies and life happens when you are busy making other plans. Take time to slow down and really appreciate the fine details in your daily life.


5. Creating some type of budget is the smartest thing you can do to get your finances under control. My Mother was the biggest teacher for this one. When I went to college she helped me with a yearly budget and 5 years later I still make budgets and adjust them to make sure it’s accurate every few months. This has taught me great discipline but it’s a process that always needs strict prioritizing.


6. Communication is the number one thing in any relationship. Wether it’s friends, family, coworkers, or children I cannot stress the importance of proper communication. Examine your tone, mood and the specific words you use, this can change any situation drastically.


7. Mindset if everything with achieving any level of success in your life. Focus on the solution not the problem. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Put what you want in your life and your intentions out the universe in a crystal clear manner.


8. Great changes and transformation come from the inside out. This is true for a variety of things such as your health, body, mindset, relationships and so on. You must change who you are at your core, before you can evolve externally. Think about your skin, eat healthy it looks great, eat bad it looks dull and unhealthy.


9. If you put garbage in, than your body will produce garbage in return. This has been a tough one for me that I have really begun working on the past year. Eating sugary, salty processed foods makes you feel tired, sluggish and just horrible all around. Eating healthy does the complete opposite you will look better, feel more energized and those around you will be able to notice. Your body is your temple, so treat it that way.

10. Yoga is the most neglected yet the best practice of exercise. I’m not saying it’s the holy grail of exercise however it teaches and improves a wide variety of areas in your life. Your posture, balance, flexibility, sleep quality and mental health will all benefit substantially from it.


11. Stop doubting yourself, you are worth it. One of the biggest lies within ourselves is that we are not worthy of the success we want in life. Quit the bullshit and pull up your positive panties! You deserve everything and you ARE worthy. Stop dreaming and start doing it, with hard work, passion and dedication you can achieve anything. Ignore what others say and do you.


12. Watch what you say.  This one is hard, I was quite my whole life so now that I have broken my shell I sometimes get a good ramble going. Everything you say matters, so make it count and make sure it is exactly what you mean. Do not speak out of anger, wait until the storm calms, sort out your thoughts and then go from there.


13. Don’t give up. If you truly want something in life, don’t give up on it. It is going to take a few tries, there will be fumbles and you will be knocked down a bit. Just get back up on the high horse and start riding because everything that is good takes time. Perseverance is a key to achieving your goals


14. Love and Gratitude put everything into perspective. There are many things in life to be grateful for but sometimes it gets slightly forgotten due to overwhelming stress, bad moods, or anything. When you are having one of those moods or bad days take a minute to write 5 or so people,experiences or things you are grateful for and I bet you anything, your mood and energy will instantly change.


15. Success in one word? Happiness. All the money in the world or friends in the world can only change your level of happiness so much. You need to be happy with who you are and what you’re doing.


16. Love comes knocking when you stop looking. Everyone wants companionship. I can relate but instead of going person to person and constantly looking, start working on yourself to be the person you want people to fall in love with.


17. It is ok to say no. Learn how to say no without justification or guilt is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned. It is important to be true to yourself and your values.


18. You are your first priority. No you friends, coworkers, spouse, family or kids. Only once you have taken care of yourself and are happy will you be able to help others around you. This is really hard to me, it took me almost 3 years of motherhood to even start focusing on myself again.


19.You can never fully understand what it’s like to be someone else. Every person you meet has experienced years of great and not so great memories that make them into the exact person they are today. We can never understand it fully because we have not lived it, accordingly and treat everyone with respect. After all, we are all just human beings we just come from different places and experiences.


20. Don’t regret anything. There is no reason on living or dwelling in the past on something we can’t change. At that point in our life we chose the path because that is exactly what we wanted in that moment and it helped shape us to who we are today. Learning-Quotes-16-of-16

21. Never stop learning. There is so many resources to learn things and a never ending abundance of topics to learn about. Take some time every day to learn something. It could be a new hobby, language or a lesson learned from something you have done. 3830

22. Say what you mean. Why sugar coat things when you can just pull the bandage off? If you say exactly what you mean there are no misunderstandings. Those who mind won’t matter and those who matter, won’t mind.


23. Even if you can’t forget, forgive. Forgiveness is not about letting the other person off the hook, It’s about freeing yourself of the negative weight that clings onto grudges. Just because you forgive someone does not mean they need to be the person in your life that they were before, just forgive and move in the direction you want to go. Trust me, you deserve it.


24. Don’t worry, be happy. Can you change what you are worrying about? If yes then don’t worry you got this. If not the stop worrying and let thing’s happen the way they are supposed to happen. Start thinking of the things that can go right rather than wrong because worrying will not change the outcome.

As always, Thank you so much for reading I hope you liked these — xxoo Corinne







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