Easy Valentines Hair Tutorirals

Okay I have never did a post with others youtube acounts but I just recently discoved Cute Girls Hairstyles and am LOVING it! I’m sure you all remember that I am just getting into Celestia’s hair so I am beyond happy that I have found this page. Here are some simple yet stunning Valentines Hair tutorials that are super easy!

I tried this one but braided the two peices for my little one, this is how it turned out!



This one is simple and elegant for all ages, and she makes it look so easy!

Another one great for all ages, I may try this out on Celestia tomorrow!

simple yet looks intricate and absolutely gorgeous!

I love how this is so subtle yet perfect for the occasion!

another way to do simple hear accents!

This one is genious! Kudos to whoever first did this with the sock bun !


If you try any on these I would love to see how they turn out! I am going to try another one tomorrow.

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






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