Early Birthday Treats – Vasanti Haul! <3


Back in my first semester of Cosmetic school I had to do a project for product knowledge class based on a product that contained glycerin, that is the moment I discovered Vasanti, specifically thier liquid coverup. I could have done a project on any beauty product I already owned but instead I wanted to take advantage of the situation in order to gain knowledge on new products. I never knew how much I was going to fall in love with this line. 7 years later and I am still head over heels for this line!

For an early birthday treat (February 11th) I decided to do a long overdue haul of Vasanti, plus I just ran out of their coverup and needed is ASAP. Oh I forgot to mention this is also a Canadian company, and one of the only companies I know that charge the same price in USD and CAD!

Here are the items I grabbed!

Ultra Luxe Lipstick With Peptide Technology in Greece

So far I like this lipstick, not 100% sure the colour goes well with my skin tone but its so creamy and soft, swatch is below!


Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer in V2

This is the item that drew me in to the brand, it is the first coverup that has ever truley matched my skin tone! Swatches of lipstick and coverup. it may look like a little tube but it lasts me forever! I repurchase it twice a year since it’s the only liquid coverup I own.


Dynamic Brow Duo – Cape Town

The claim on this is that it suits almost all brow tones, and It’s say so far I can see how with its blend ability. The left side is was, the right side powder. I wish that it had more powder though. Wax swatch isn’t 100% true due to me having a shimmer on my fingers prior to.


See The Light Powder Highlighter Duo in Golden Child

I fell in love with this instantly, it is sooooo soft, I mean I just want to stroke it for hours… but can’t because that would be a waste of product.. What made this really appealing to me is that you can use it as 3 different highlighters; a perfect white champagne, a rich gold, or mix them together for a customized glow!


Magic Liner

This is such a neat product, I recieved something like it in school where I added a drop to eyeshadow and it became a line but never sound somehwere to repurchase it. Mind you that dried out my shadows a lot!

This does not dry out my shadows, you litterally brush it a few times on the shadow (its just like and other liquid liner brush) and it maximumizes the shadows colour creating a liquid liner version that stays much better than the shadow would. No need to buy a million eyeliners anymore!


Brighten Up! – Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

and last, but not least I repurchased their exfloiator, it is one of the only ecfolitors that work for me because unlike most it is not too abbrasive. It contains micro crystals that do the trick without irritating my skin!


and that is it, for now!

Have you tried anything from Vasanti?! I would love to hear which item and your thoughts on them in the comments below !

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne

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