Coastal Scents styleEYES Palette Trio Review & Swatches


I recieved a sample from the glamour eyes palette in my December Birchbox and instantly fell in love with the eyeshadows. With one swipe the colour payoff was incredible and absolutely stunning. I gave them a test run and indeed decided I needed to spend all my birchbox points on them.

All three were designed for specific ossasions, have a mirror in the middle and are great sizes for travel. They have wondeful colour payoff as well. I did not use a primer with the glamourEYES colours yet they stayed in place all day without smudging, creasing or fading. How they created them to be like so is byond me but these are definitely my favourite eye palettes right now. The only bad things I have to say are that the mattes are not noticeable unless you do use a primer, but the shimmers are true to colour. The mirror is great for travel but I feel they should have put it on the flip up part and given you some more shadows.

The swatches start from top row, then middle, then bottom.

First is the socialEYES palette which is full of deep neutrals for everyday looks. This one is a great neutral palette, and the colours go of flawlessly.


Second is the formalEyes palette that offers lovely nudes and rosy pinks for a night out. This one I am not too keen on, the first shadow and fourth shadow were REALLY hard to swatch and see. the secon one if you put a few layers it is quite pretty and I love the fifth colour but the rest are just ok at best to me.


Third (and my personal favourite) is glamourEYES which contains dramatic, bold colours for special occasions and fun, colourful expression. Can we just look at that black swatch right there, I mean how BEAUTFUL is that? It is by far the best black shadow I have ever owned and that was just one swipe. The only one in this palette that doesn’t go on too well is ythe second colour(orange).


Here are a few looks I have done using the glamourEYES palette

934112_1225959437462299_3948424376606792478_nScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.55.17 AM


  • Amazing colour payoff
  • Last all day
  • Do not crease
  • Little bit goes a long way
  • Blend beautifully


  • Mirror takes up most of the palette, I feel they should have given you more shadow
  • Mattes need a primer in order to show
  • 3 of the shadows are barely visible

I definitely would reccomend this palette, it is amazing quality, specially for the price. It is not available on the Coastal Scents site yet but you can buy these from Canadian Birchbox for $39.95 CAD or American Birchbox for $25 USD

OR if you only want one of them you can pick an individual palette here> American Birchbox for $12 USD or here>Canadian Birchbox for $16 USD.


Which palette or colours do you like best? let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






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