Out with the old, in with the new


This blog is long due for revamping! Going to be honest, I just picked a random theme when I first started and said “good enough”. Which it was, then, but not now. My previous layout was too busy and all over the place. It was hard to choose a place to look, disorganized and was not working for me at all! On top of all that It didn’t have some of the side features that I wanted; such as where I have linked my other social media accounts on the side.

That is the first of many changes to come to this blog this year.

Other things I want to introduce will be items such as: Simple explanations of common ingedients found in makeup. Also a blogging schedule, which I know is long overdue! I am thinking something link monday, wednesday, friday but not 100% yet so I will keep you all posted!

What are your thoughts on everything? What kind of things do you like reading about or is there anything else you would like to see me talk about/do? Let me know in the comments below lovelies ! <33

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






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