10 Christmas Beauty Questions Tag

Hey  darlings! I was tagged by the beautiful and talented Elisabeth to do the 10 Christmas Beauty Questions Tag. Thanks bunches for tagging me love! Everyone should definitely check her blog out she has so many great posts from all the subscription boxes to makeup of the day, app attacks and so much more!

Tag Questions:

1.) Have you been naughty or nice this year with your skincare routine?

I have been pretty nice with my skincare this year. The past few years since Celestia was born I struggled with makeup, skincare and all that but this year I made a resolution to get back on track which I have followed through with!

2.)What’s the go-to beauty, makeup or skincare product you would gift to your family and friends?

I usually do makeup because I find most of my family or friends have their set skincare routines and have products that work for them. Throughout the year I reccomend things to them here or there but gift I love giving lipsticks for sure.

3.)Do you mind gifting high-end products or rather drug store products to others?

I like both but it honestly depends on the person. I know some friends who will only use high ends and there are others who use both.

4.)What are the beauty products you’re hoping to get to see under your Christmas tree this year?

I would love to see a new lipstick but if it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t matter, I just love seeing all of my extended family because it only happens a few times the year.

5.)What is the beauty product that you’re dreading to receive for Christmas this year?

Everyone has seen those bath sets from walmart righ? Those are a huge no to me. I am not big on baths and half of the time do not like the smells of them. The past 3 years I have recieved one and I always end up regifting or giving the products to someone else. With that being said I appreciate the thought always because people know I like beauty products.

6.)Are you are beauty blogger participating in Blogmas this year? If so what is the post you’re most proud of so far?

No I  haven’t participated in Blogmas but if you have noticed I did decide to post something every day this month for the sake of December and in the new year there will be a set schedule!

7.)Do you remember the first beauty product you received as a Christmas present? What was it and did you enjoy it? 

Yes! A plastic cell phone that flip opens to 3 glosses and a blush. My mom always got me those then come grade 7 she would get me those huge walmart beauty sets that had a bit of everything. I loved those cell phones so much I actually bought my daughter one this year… She is always wanting to play with mommy’s makeup.

8.)What mini size product would you recommend as a great stocking stuffer?

Mini anything. Nailpolishes, masks, mascaras. I am mostly content with mini chocolates though 😉

9.)Would you rather your friends and family ask you gifts you wanted to receive or have them surprise you?

I love surprises but have yet to have a really good year of surprises haha. I think I am really hard to buy for because everyone always straight up asks me.

10.)What is your favourite way to show Christmas spirit through your look or outfit?

I love Sants hats, I have a huge collection from plain, fuzzy, shiny, ones with pigtails, one with a tiara and so on. Even my cats all have christmas outfits!

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One thought on “10 Christmas Beauty Questions Tag

  1. AWW thanks so much love!! I thought this tag was so much fun!! I hate those Walmart bath sets too haha (especially the old lady smelling ones). Omgsh I remember those makeup cell phones!! I totally had one of those too haha! I have a huge collection of Santa hats too!! Love them!!

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