October’s Favourite Beauty Products

This is my first time doing a favourites post so excuse me if it is a bit rough. I thought I’d just sort it by categories to be easier, enjoy ! πŸ™‚



Vasanti Liquid Cover-up – my shade is V2. This is my forever and always coverup, I literally stopped trying everyone elses liquids after finding this one. It is medium buildable coverage and works amazingly as a concealer as well.

Sephora Collection Microsmooth Baked Bronzer Duo I received this in the Escape to Rio Getaway Essentials Set from Sephora and it is the perfect baked bronzer. one side matte and one side with a slight shimmer making in perfect for all year round.

Smashbox Master Palette 3’s contour and highlight- This palette has pretty much been a favourite all year. The eyeshadows are great but I love that it came with the contour and highlight, they have been my go to pretty much all month.

Joe Fresh Powder Blush in Rose- I bought this because it was on sale for 3.99 and I wish I bought more while they were on sale, this is such a nice blush true to colour but blends out nicely, definitely going to keep an eye for when these go on sale again.

Kat Von D’s Lock N’ Loaded Setting Mist- This is pretty much a favourite every month, to find out more about it click here



Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner- I used to use Vasanti’s liquid liner mostly but I received a sample of this at the beginning of October and it is a game changer. I love the felt marker-like tip it makes application so smooth and winged liner has never been so easy! I don’t think I will ever stray too far from this, already bought 2 full sized ones to stock up with.

Nyx’s Ipster Eyeshadow Trio – I recieved this in my Ipsy Glam Bag last month and used it maybe once or twice but with the amount of traveling I have done this month having this small set has been perfect. I love neutrals and a bold lip, it’s my go to look so these have been great since they consist of 3/4 of the colours I mainly use.

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream- received this from Birchbox last mont, this sample lasts forever since you only need a little bit. It is amazing and any mom out there needs it. The product contains caffeine and green tea which both help reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. On top of that all, it is all natural!

Β LancΓ΄me HYPNΓ”SE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara- Again a sample I received from a purchase and it is amazing, I am still unsure if I can fork out $30+ for it though. While it lasts I am going crazy over it and hopefully can get another free sample soon!

Eyeko’s Mascara – I was lucky enough to receive this in this months Birchbox, its innovative tube lets you get the most of the product and curved brush gives you great lift and curl!


Lips: (dusty pinks)

The Balm’s Liquid Lipstick Loved this Sample from Sephora so much I have repurchased the full size and ran out of the sample. It lasts all day with absolutely no fading and smells like delicious peppermint patties.

Tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipsticks in Bellini and Punch- These butter lipsticks provide an amazing amount of moisture which is perfect for these cold seasons and they too smell quite lovely. To read more about them click here

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






9 thoughts on “October’s Favourite Beauty Products

  1. Great favourites! I’ve been looking at Joe cosmetics whenever I go to the Superstore but haven’t gave any a try. I think I’ll try some of the blushes now! x

    1. Same I was looking at them for ages so when they went to that price I had to get atleast one, my only regret is not getting more haha. If you pick some up let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them πŸ™‚

    1. In my personal opinion the UD doesn’t even compare. KVD’s contains the best characteristics of both a setting spray and a fixative spray. With that being said I wouldn’t say UD’s is terrible at all in fact it is a good product just doesn’t last as long or have the added benefits of KVD’s

      1. I am glad I could help, honestly I have no doubt that KVD is going to rule the cosmetic world one day, I haven’t used a product of hers that isn’t above and beyond amazing. I have switched a lot of my regular favorites out to hers. If you ever get a chance to try out her tattoo eyeliner I reccomend it as well, it changedmy world ! πŸ™‚

  2. Ooo I think I need to check out that KVD setting mist… how did I not know she makes one?! Great post!! (and I agree with your comment above… she is definitely going to rule the cosmetics world one day… she is amazing! I love her products!)

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