DIY : Fake Wounds with Gelatine

How to make fake wounds with Gelatine

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What you will need:

  • One Normal Gelatine Packet
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Warm-Hot Tap Water
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Plastic Knife or Spoon
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Metal Butter Knife
  • Red Lipstick or Liner
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Fake Blood

Step 1: Put 1 packet of Gelatin in a Plastic bowl with 1 teaspoon of flour, and slowly add water and mix until it is a paste that isn’t too thick but not thinned out at all (was a few table spoons for me) add a bit of Liquid Foundation and mix it in to get the desired colour


Step 2: Spread the paste using a plastic knife or spoon (metal cools it down and dries it out) where you would like to apply it. Smooth out the edges so it blends into the skin and looks more natural.


Step 3: Take the metal knife, spatula or object of your choice and run it through the paste to create your wound indents then push up the paste upwards around the edges of your indents to create raised skin.


Step 4: Put your lipstick in the indents you made, then take a darker shade of red and put it in the middle and bottom edges of the wounds.


Step 7: Take your black eyeliner and put it on the upper edges and underneath your skin flaps

Step 6: Add the fake blood (optional) and you are done!

20151030_0748231 20151030_0954591My makeup for Darth Vader at Work
**This wound can be applied to any part of the body, but it may start to peel with excessive movement. It can be reapplied with duo eyelash adhesive or spirit gum.

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne






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