October 2015 Lip Monthly Reveal & Review

20151020_1829401     20151020_1827041

This is my first Lip Monthly bag which arrived on the 20th. If you are not familiar with Lip Monthly it is a $12.95 USD Beauty bag with free international shipping. To check it out click here.

My first impression of This beauty subscription is that they have good quality products but absolutely horrid customer service. Their site needs a lot of work but their shop is slowly improving and has good prices. Only thing I wish was different in this bag is the fact the two colours were so close.

*Note- the prices are below based on their website shop, not the display card received in the bag*


Lord Berry Crayon – $13
This is a full-sized Lord Berry Crayon in shiny Sensual (red). What I like about this, aside from the colour, is its pleasant smell and creamy texture. It was really easy to apply however it doesn’t last very long, I found myself having the reapply after drinking and eating.


Mica Cosmetics Lip Pot – $15
Funny, this is the second Mica Product I have received this month, it is a full-sized lip pot in the colour Velvet Rose (deep red). I was pleasantly surprised with this product, Recently I am getting irritated at all the red I am getting in my subscriptions because I already own about 30 of my own, however this one is different from the others. It is a nice deep red lip balm stain. Took some really good makeup wipes and scrubbing to get this off my hand after the photo. I always imagined this product to be dense due to the jar however it is extremely creamy, highly pigmented and has great staying power.


Hikari Lip Crayon – $13
This is a full-sized product in the colour Mandarin, which is a very pretty coral colour. I wanted this to work however I have an olive skin tone that doesn’t go with many bright colours. 😦
Aside from that, it is such a lovely lipstick, very creamy and true to colour.


Pencil Me In Eyeliner Pencil – $7
This is a full-sized pencil in the colour Amethyst. I was surprised to see an eyeliner in Lip Monthly but in a good way, This is a great dark purple that will be perfect for fall, it does smudge a bit but not too much.


I spent $12.95 and received $49 worth of great products, can’t go wrong there! I am very pleased on this months bag.

Are you a subscriber? What did you get in your bag this month?

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne






5 thoughts on “October 2015 Lip Monthly Reveal & Review

  1. Great review love!! I liked this bag, but totally agree that the lip colors were so close! would have loved to seen some other colors. They are making changes in November and I hope that means a better site and better customer service because I really love their bags and the products!

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