The Weekend Kit

I don’t write much on my personal life, and try to focus on beauty but I just have to share this past weekend with you all! First thing you need to know is how huge of an animal lover I am, I wish I could adopt every pet in the world. That is exactly why the weekend was so perfect.

Saturday started out like any other day, I was on a walk with my daughter, Celestia, and her father, Chase, when I saw a dog running down the street into oncoming traffic, instantly I yelled at it to stop (because a dog who doesn’t know me is going to listen right…) That didn’t work so I carefully ran across the street and got him. He was an old lab, and I know the people on the corner have a lab so I took him there. He seemed to recognize the home but the owners weren’t home so we knocked on a few of the neighbours who confirmed it lived there and eventually we got him home.

On Sunday is where my surprise came in. It was a cold day with a few centimetres of snow so the three of us had a lovely lunch at one of the village’s restaurants called ‘The Jam Jar’, just after finishing our carrot cheesecake we paid and head out the door. The moment I stepped out I heard the tiniest of meows, so scratchy and barely there. I looked to my left and surely enough along the side of the road was a tiny black kitten with a white patch on its chest. Based on his size, eye colour and teeth I would say he is only 5 weeks old or so.

My face must have lit up, I looked a Chase and said,“Can we keep him?! Are we brining him home?!” By the time I was done squealing that like a 5-year-old the kitten was already on my chest in my sweater and coat. I went back in the restaurant to give them my name, number and to take a picture of the kitten incase he is someones but no one has claimed him yet. When I went to work Monday I learned that another person in the village found a kitten that looked just like him so there must have been a litter dropped of or some barn kittens, either way he has a good home now… Just have to get my other two cats to like him.

He also needs a name!

20151019_1240331 20151019_1229511 20151018_2206091


10 thoughts on “The Weekend Kit

  1. Aww!!! He’s adorable!!! I’m so happy that he has found himself a wonderful home. I’m a cat lover & I have a cat of my own so when I saw this post, my face lit up. He’s so adorable! Did you ever come up with a name for him?

      1. Aww! That’s the cutest name ever! Definitely suits the little guy 🙂 but I have a 4 year old Tabby & his name is Tommy.

        I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’d love to have several cats if I was capable of taking care of that many. I get so sad when I walk into pet stores and see kittens or cats waiting to be adopted since I know I can’t, but want to!

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