DIY: Fake Wound with Normal Makeup

This is the first of a few Halloween Tutorials, today I want to show you guys how to create a fake wound without Liquid Latex, Gelatine, Molds, or any of that.

All you will need for this are:

  • Few different shades of red lipstick
  • A nude lip liner or eyeliner
  • Red lipliner or eyeliner
  • Fake blood
  • Black eyeliner
  • Brown shadow or liner


Step 1- Draw the outline of your wound and colour it in. I couldn’t find my darker liner but looks nice if you outline in a slightly darker colour. I used a red Sephora lip liner.


Step 2- Outline the reds in a lighter, flesh toned colour. I used an E.L.F Lip Pencil.


Step 3- Add some darker reds on top of the base liner. I used Nars Matte Velvet Lipstick and Liptini Lipstick.


Step 4 – Go through the middle,Β  outer corners, and a few outline spots with a black eyeliner then blend. I used M.U.F.E’s black eyeliner.


Step 5- with a brown shadow or pencil lightly go around some of the flesh coloured spots, this gives the illusion of raised skin. I used a brown Sephora lip liner.


Step 6- Add the fake blood, clear gloss or red gloss and you are done!

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading β€” xxoo Corinne





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