Beauty Blender: Everything You Need to Know

Today I want to talk a little bit about a certain sponge that has replaced a lot of my regular favourite brushes for the past few months, the perfect tool for applying foundation, blending, concealing and contouring… My Beautyblender beautyblender® pro

The Beauty Blender is packaged in a clear cylinder plastic container which contains details regarding the sponge. The sponge itself is an egg shape with a more pointed top.There are many colours offered such as:  The Original one in hot pink,  there are also Red carpet(red), Pure (white), Royal (Purple), the micro mini’s which are lime green and the Pro in black.

I ordered mine online so I was really taken back when I first saw the size, only an inch and a bit tall, but once you dampen it with water the sponge literally grows to be twice the size ! I tried to capture the true size but it is hard in pictures, you can see I have a freckle on my hand so look at the before and after with that freckle or my ring in mind to see how much it grew. Since it absorbs so much water it barely absorbs your makeup like normal sponges therefor saving you little bit of money.


Another great thing about this sponge is that it is latex free for anything with a latex allergy or sensitive skin. The Sponge itselft also doesn’t contain or keep any scents on it, unless you don’t wash it which I highly suggest you do at least once a week. There are two cleansers by the same brand for the sponges- one is a liquid cleanser and the other is a bar like soap– but being the frugal young mother I am, I stick to baby shampoo with is very mild and gentle but does the job perfectly.

There are a few advantages the Beauty Blender Sponge has over traditional sponges or brushes is it’s conical shape, effective stippling finish and lack of makeup it absorbs. The Conical shape makes it easy to blend out those hard to reach places such as under your uses, around your nose and inner eyelids. the Micro mini’s work even better for those places but you can easily do it with the full sized one.

I have to confess when I first heard of this sponge I couldn’t in any way shape or form justify spending $28 CAD or $20 USD when I could get a bag of 50 little disposable ones for $1.50  plus a few lipsticks from any drugstore for the same price. After caving and using the blender myself I can definitely see why people do invest this, or even multiple ones. It gives such a natural and even finish which looks as perfect as a magazines airbrushed model, even with  the medium to full coverage foundations. However with low coverage or sheer creams such as BB’s or CC’s it does make them look a little less effective unless you build the coverage (don’t worry, it won’t look caked on) I hear it can be used with mineral based products as well but have not tried myself.


How to use:  So simple to prepare the sponge just wet it, squeeze it under the water a few times, make sure it is damp and not soaked  (It is recommended to towel dry but I usually just give it a few squeezes out of water). For foundation you can either put it directly on the sponge and dab it onto your face or apply it so your face then stipple it out. From here just stippler dab it in circular motions then blend a little and repeat until it is evenly distributed! For Cream Contouring Apply the Highlighter and Contour on your face in the spots your would like it then dab and blend it all out and voila ! I suggest using the pointed side for the hard to reach places.

   Why Beauty Blender? There are many dupes to this sponge, I have tried ones from China, Sephora’s Precision sponge, etc etc but they all do absorb a fair amount more of product in comparison. They all work really well though in the other aspects but I love that I am saving product, my Vasanti Liquid Foundation and Concealer that usually only lasts my 2-3 months is now lasting 3-4 months. Definitely will repurchase when it does go, whenever that may be.

If you are thinking of trying this product out I HIGHLY suggest Sephora’s Makeup’s Best Friend by beautyblender® which includes — 1 Beautyblender original, 1 Beautyblender pro, 1 Beautyblender, and 0.6 oz Rea.activate re-hydrating and makeup-refinishing spray (mini size) a $59 for $40 USD or a $78 value for $49 CAD

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne

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