My First Liebster Award

Hey Chickadee’s I’d like to drop a quick yet huge thank you to Elisabeth for nominating me for my first Liebster award ! She has been so welcoming here, go check out her blog she has tons of neat categories there is something for everyone! (and freebie posts ) 😉

Elisabeth’s questions:

  1. What is your favorite season? Summer! Summer summer summer all year round please.
  2. How long have you been blogging? Since the end of June, I need to start posting more.. only 14 so far haha
  3. What blog post are you most proud of (link it)? Probably the Sephora Escape to Rio Getaway Kit
  4. Name 3 accomplishments you have made in your life. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo EmersonAside from that, becoming a mother and uploading my first batch of clipart to
  5. What is the worst beauty product you have ever used? The Julep Top coat I bought that was completely empty a few weeks ago…
  6. Who or what inspires you? There are too many people to list for many different aspects. My mom for being such a strong ans selfless woman, my dad for the way he has built his company up and many many others.
  7. What is your go to hairstyle? Straightened? I cut my hair so much was down to my waist and I cut it off to a long pixie cut last year so now in the growing out stages.
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve? Can Ignorance be an answer? If not then mumbling and lack of manners.
  9. How often do you wear makeup each week? It all depends on the week. Last week it was full makeup all week this week it has bare minimum.
  10. Favorite social media platform? not only is it so community organized they bring content ownership back to the users and give you money for any traffic you bring to your page. If you want to sign up use the code Corinne_xo !

My Nominees are:


Gild the Lily

Beauty by Tami

Got Me Wrapped Up

M – The Girl Loves Makeup

Little Berry Blog





My Questions:

  1. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  2. Who is your favourite musical artist?
  3. What is your favourite makeup brand?
  4. What is your latest Dud product?
  5. What is your favourite fall trend?
  6. Which holiday in the year is your favourite?
  7. Is there a quote you find inspiring?
  8. What is your go to lip product?
  9. Which makeup brand do you own most of?
  10. If you could travel anywhere at this very moment, where would it be?

xxoo Harvest Girl


6 thoughts on “My First Liebster Award

  1. Thanks so much love!! I loved reading your answers!! I hate when people don’t have manners too!! It is just terrible haha. That is so terrible to hear about the Julep Top Coat!! Also, amazing accomplishments!!

    1. Thanks darlin’ good thing about the Julep is they are sending another so eventually it will come but initially opening that bottle was soo depressing ! haha

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