Kat Von D Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist

I always swore to powders for setting, it was what I was taught in school and I was set in my ways, however I found in the heat of the summer the powder just wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to. But the thought of a spray just seemed strange to me. My mind went straight to thinking the spray would just ruin my makeup itself… Let me just say I was completely wrong.

katspray katread

Kat Von D’s Lock ‘N Load Makeup Setting Mist is the first setting spray I have purchased and it has set the bar pretty high. It claims to be β€œa weightless mist that locks down your look for up to 16-hours, so makeup stays rockin’ all day and night long. Its climate balancing ingredients help prevent makeup melt-downs when it’s hot, and they protect against dehydration and cracking in the cold. Ideal for all skin types, it won’t leave skin feeling sticky or tight. It also works to prevent blush, eye shadow, or lip color from fading, sliding, caking, or becoming excessively shiny.”


I would say it is almost on point, on a very humid sweaty day it only held for about 8 hours ( I sweat an excessive amount), but for a nice day it definitely held all day with only a slight shine coming through as seen in the photo above which was taken after wearing my face for 13 hours from 8am-9pm. I could see people with oilier skin than mine still having to do a touch up after the 8 hours either way though. It also say to spray 10-12 inches away from face but I do more like 6-8 inches away so I know it gets my whole face, eyes and lips without having to spray twice. I do advise 2 sprays for sticky humid days so your powders have extra staying power.


To summarize what I think I’d say this spray is lightweight, refreshing, long lasting, and all around amazing. Also the smells of this spray is very pleasant, smells like cucumbers and flowers, I cant help but feel refreshed the minute it’s sprayed. Definitely will be buying this one again.

xxoo Harvest Girl




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