Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion 10 HR Lip Stain

Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion 10 HR Lip Stain — Color No. 19 – Peony

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My first take at this lip stain was that it had nice packaging and a great colour. I have always loved lip stains so I was excited to try Sephora’s. It went on smooth, was not sticky at all but the smell was horrid. It smelt like chemicals, strong chemicals with a hint of fake berries. I was really disappointed.


I really wanted to like this lip stain so I kept it on and brought it to work thinking the smell would fade but it didn’t subside at all. Also I am using the word Lip stain really loosely as it did not stay on very long. I would stain my hands or skin but did not keep stay on your lips for over an hour.

When I went to remove it I got some in my mouth and ohhh my goodness, I thought the smell was bad but the taste is even worse. I am sad to say I won’t be buying this lip stain ever again. I do love a lot of Sephora products but unfortunately can’t say this is not one of them.


Pros: True to it’s colour, Smooth, Not sticky

Cons: Smell, Does not last long or stain at all, Taste, Price

Thanks for reading β€” xxoo Corinne

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