Buxom Lips Say it All Duo Review


I am soo excited today to be doing this review, this product is my absolute new favourite go to every day(or night) lip duo. Before them I would wonder every morning which colour should I go to, what shade, should I go matte or gloss etc etc… but the past week I haven’t even second guessed it, I just grab these and I am good to go.

20150731_0842411 20150731_0842561

I am talking about Buxoms Lips Say it All Duo which contains:

One Mini Full-Bodied Lipstick in Hooligan (mauve plum)
One Mini Full-Bodied Lip Gloss in Dolly (shimmering sultry mauve)


Where do I even start, my goodness the lipstick is fantastic, it goes on really smooth and doesn’t dry out. It has a great satin finish and stays on/in place for a good amount of time. Another thing I have recently noticed is that it doesn’t bleed out on those days you forget to put on lip liner on which is MAJOR bonus points for me.

As for the lip gloss I wouldn’t change a thing either. It doesn’t give the tingly plumping effect that their lip cream does but it is a perfect pair with the lipstick. I like to dab just a little bit in the middle of my lips to make the illusion that they are big and luscious. Or you can just wear it on its own, it has a great amount of pigment and isn’t very sticky either!


These are mini’s of the products but they last a pretty decent chunk of time and are perfect if you want to try these products without having to commit to the full price of each individual. For $18 USD or $23 CAD you will not regret getting this duo. I have already ordered my full size ones plus some other colours. This brand is unreal I am in love.



Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne

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