Anastasia Cream Contour Kits Review (Light & Medium)

20150613-DSC00797-Edit(photo of me by Brian and Camera)

When I first learned about contouring I did it with a foundation too light and too dark for my skin then after a while I tested out powders which I love. Recently I found out about Anastasia Beverly Hills cream kits and I just had to try them.

The cream kits come in 4 colour palettes: fair, light, medium, and deep. Some of the colours are repeated between palettes.


While these are beautifully toned they are a bit difficult to work with at first. If you have dry skin, don’t even bother. Be carefuly not to apply a lot at first because it will looked caked, start out small and work from there. You need very little product to work with which means they last quite a while. The light pink in medium makes a great spot corrector and the darker pink in the medium is the perfect blush! They go on well and definitely provide full coverage but if you put too much on they can be difficult to blend out.

beverlyLight on top, medium on bottom (These pictures were done with my old phone, will update tonight)

For these to really work for you I advise having a full cleanse, tone and moisturize daily routine and exfoliating 2-3 times a week. The secret to any skin product looking nice is by taking care of your skin !

You can buy this product Anastasia Beverly Hills or on Sephora (only the light and medium on Sephora) For $40 + shipping

Hopefully this has helped, thanks for reading β€”Β  Corinne






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