Harvest Moon Comes to Life

It’s almost 6am and you have to be out of the house to catch your bus to work, quickly you slap on your face and an outfit from the floor then run out the door with breakfast in you hand. Living in a big city it always seems to be rush rush rush. I knew this when I moved there despite the hour-long commutes on the TTC I didn’t mind, this is where I wanted to be… or so I thought.

That was me a few years back, don’t get me wrong I love the big city and would still be there but sometimes your path changes directions. For me it was one thing after another and another. I thought I would be huge in Hollywood by now or something but that was me just being young and naive.Β  Everything I knew was about change with one stick you pee on, you got it; a pregnancy test.

I moved back to my home town because the big city was nowhere I wanted to raise my little peanut, at first it was terrifying but she is the most amazing blessing I have ever received. By then I was back in my hometown with no certain path, and no idea as to where I would really like to go. After my little gal turned one I got a call from Vital Imagery for a job position as a Content Manager, although this isn’t the type of thing I saw myself perusing in the future and the job was in the middle to nowhere I knew it was an opportunity I could not turn down. Slowly the life I once had planned was completely out of sight.

As you can imagine going from a huge popular city to a village of less than 1500 that is surrounded by farmland was a bit of a culture shock to me, to this day I’m still not in love with the location but the job and people I work with are amazing. I have realized it’s all about perspective, the past year here I have been miserable but that is about to change.

My favourite video game is called Harvest Moon, I have played every singe one that was created and when I was little I used to wish those games were my life. For those of you who don’t know the game here is a short summary: Your grandfather dies so you move from the city to an incredibly small town to take over his farm and try to work your way into the villagers hearts and find true love.

So there you have it, my changed perspective on Brussels, instead of trying to cling on to the city life I once had I am going to try to embrace it here, and I hope to take all of you along this journey with me, who knows I may even find a blue feather along the way.


Harvest Girl


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